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A snip in the right direction…

Every once in a while something  comes along that makes you stop and pause for a moment to say “Wow, that’s cool.”  Today that ‘something’ is a very cool pair of scissors. 

“Cool?” you ask  in between yawns, “What’s so cool about scissors?” 

Here’s the scoop:  They’re Fiskars Recycled scissors, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (that IS cool).  They’re made to accommodate righties or lefties (that’s cool too) and they are guaranteed for life (very cool).    Fiskars is the only brand of scissors we put in our kits, because they’re the best.  We now have yet another reason to sing Fiskars’ praise from the rooftops – earth friendly scissors in your child’s kit (now you’re cool too, nice one)  :)

Fridays are for Teachers!

This is for all the wonderful teachers out there who lead, guide, teach, mould, love, and inspire our children the whole school year!  Enjoy your much deserved break, because we are sending them back to you in the fall :)   If you have something you’d like to say to your child’s teacher, leave it in the comments section and send them the link!

For Our Wonderful Teachers!

Be True to Your School Part Two

Summer is here and everyone is going to slow down a little and take a much-deserved break.  Before we do though, we’d like to get on our pulpit if only  for a minute, because there is something we feel particularly passionate about.  If you want your child to have success in school, the child next to him has to succeed in school.  It’s that simple.  We all win when they get the education they deserve.  The best way to achieve this is to roll up our sleeves and get involved.  When September rolls around join your Parent Council, volunteer in the classroom, be a mentor, donate goods or simply ask what you can do.  We’re all busy, so remember many hands make light work.  Get a friend to join you.  Ask your retired parents.  Get your spouse involved.

With that we’d like to leave you with a fascinating video.

Did You Know?

What to do with the kids?

Only two more sleeps and summer will be upon us and the “I’m bored” comments can’t be far behind.  This is what I did last summer.  Get a very, very, very long piece of paper (craft roll) and give it a title.  Ours was “The Derickx Girls’ Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2008″.  Then start your list of everything and anything they want to do this summer.   Go for a bike ride, trip to the library, meet friends at the park, swimming, play hide & seek, go see a movie, paint, make a craft, get an ice cream cone – whatever the kids can think of.  Set goals too.  Learn to do a cartwheel, how many books can I read.  Don’t forget to put bigger things on as well if you are planning a summer vacation.  Last year I took the girls’ on a “Chick Week”(Daddy had to work).  We travelled 2500 km in a week across Ontario visiting friends and seeing sites.  It was a fantastic adventure.  We posted our list on a wall in the house and we put checks beside the things we did at night before bed.  Swimming had about thirty checks :)   Whenever you hear, “I’m bored”, send them to their list.  At the end of the summer you’ll be amazed at all the things you did and you’ll have a great keepsake to put away.  Come back and share your ‘excellent adventures’ with us in September.

Happiness is contagious

Happiness spreads through our networks of families and neighbours like an emotional flu bug, according to a huge medical study that tracked 4,700 average people and their moods for 20 years.  When one person becomes happy, the effect on a network of friends or relatives can be measured between up to three degrees of separation.  Your happiness starts a chain reaction that benefits your friends, your friends’ friends and friends’ friends’ friends (or relatives).  It helps if they live nearby.  The effect can keep spreading for up to one year. (Excerpt from an article in The Ottawa Citizen)

We want to spread the joy today.  Hope you catch the happy bug after you watch this!

Sound of Music/Central Station Antwerp

Goodwill is simply good business…

Calling all Presidents, Directors, CEOs and CFOs!  Contributing to your local community makes good business sense!   Every profitable business owes its success to its customers – and they come from the community.  Giving back shows local residents your sincere desire to help.

As supply lists get longer each year, many families are finding they cannot afford even the most basic school supplies.  At Best Tools for Schools, we are committed to helping every child succeed in school.  We have launched a corporate donation program which allows businesses to purchase supply kits and have them delivered to a local school.  These donated kits are filled with the same top quality supplies, and arrive in our signature keepsake box.  Want to know more?  Contact us and we can give you the details on how your business can help children in need start the  year off right.

Allowing your success to spread throughout the community creates a beneficial experience for all – and we love that.

Looking for a good read?

We both read this book and loved the message to lighten up on the kids.  Under Pressure: Rescuing Childhood from the Culture of Hyper-Parenting was written by Carl Honore.  It’s an excellent book that reminds us letting your kids be kids is good for everyone.  Here’s the link on Amazon: Under Pressure on Amazon


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