Apple Slices

I try to eat healthy, but sometimes those golden arches just call my name, as if heaven opens up, angels are singing Hallelujah, and I find myself smelling the sweet, sweet aroma of a Big Mac.

I’ve been trying to order kids meals at fast food restaurants like McDonalds, so that when my fast food craving strikes, I’m satisfied with fewer calories.

My latest interest though, was seeing that Happy Meals now have the option of Apple Slices.


I love that there is the option of having Apple Slices as the “treat” in the Happy Meal for kids. But you know that old saying “Looks can be deceiving?” Yeah. So normally, one medium apple with skin contains 0.47 grams of protein, 95 calories, and 4.4 grams of dietary fiber. McDonalds Apple Slices with Caramel Dipping Sauce (which really defeats the purpose of a healthy apple) registers at a whopping 17 grams of sugar, 100 calories, 40mg of Sodium and only 2 grams of dietary fiber.

Never mind the preservatives in the apple slices that are present to keep them from turning brown. (Home experiment time: cut an apple into slices and see how long it takes to turn brown, then figure out how McDonalds keeps their slices looking so crisp & white…)

In all honesty, your little one would be just as satisfied and content with the toy, and have your own apple in the car or at home after your McDonalds stop! At least you know your apple is going to be worth it!

Don’t forget to let them run around the Playland to work off the cheeseburger & fries while you’re at it ☺

Happy & healthy eating!


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  1. Chantal on February 16th, 2010

    I am with you. If I am going to go to McDonalds, which we don’t do that often, I want to enjoy my fries and my quarter pounder without guilt. I can eat my own apple. Switching to the kids meal is a good idea though. I will have to try that.

  2. Caroline on February 16th, 2010

    And the Kids meals are cheaper. Yesterday @ Wendy’s, I ordered the kids meal for DS. It cost the same as just my hamburger (and his included a drink & fries). Silly mummy.

  3. Krissie on February 16th, 2010

    Wow! I never thought to check the nutritional value of an apple. Guess I should have known better when it’s coming from MacDonald’s! Thank you so much for sharing this – no more apples in my Happy Meals!


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