Book Review – Why Are Animals Purple?

Winter is definitely here. The ground is covered in white and most of the animals are in hibernation. But sometimes winter is the best time to discover animals, at least for my kids. It seems my kids develop an interest in animals when they notice them not around (or when they notice animal tracks in the snow or seeds on the ground).

This time of year we tend to get more nature books out from the library. One great book we discovered courtesy of the folks at Enslow Publishers is Why Are Animals Purple? written by Melissa Stewart.


Part of the Rainbow of Animals series, Why Are Animals Purple? uses full page photographic images of animals that are naturally purple. Each double page spread talks about one animal and explains how it uses it’s purple colouring. The copy is large and easy to read and the facts are informative without being too scientifically boring for young kids; kids will actually enjoy learning. All three of my kids enjoyed Why Are Animals Purple? My three-year old loved the pictures, my five-year old loved the ‘cool’ facts (did you know the California Sea Hare squirts purple ink), and my seven-year old loved the additional resources, especially the Internet sites.

At the end of Why are Animals Purple? you’ll find individual maps for each animal, showing where you might find them living in their natural habitat. There’s also a small list of books and websites that might interest kids who want to learn more. Enslow Publishers also includes a free educators guide for the Rainbow of Animals series on their site. It’s designed for teachers and librarians, but if you might find some ideas to extend your child’s interest at home.

Other animal colours available in the Rainbow of Animals series include: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue

Why Are Animals Purple? (part of the Rainbow of Animals series)
by Melissa Stewart
grade 1-3
32 pages
Enslow Publishers

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