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This is a great family book to have on hand, especially with summer coming. 

It’s All Fun and Games is a book filled with easy, fun activities, crafts and games to play with your children.  It has ideas for many ages and there are plenty to choose from.   

What I liked about It’s All Fun and Games is that it’s broken into seasons, so activities for the winter are grouped as are summer ones.  It’s very easy to flip to the season and pick an activity.  It’s also easy to alter some activities when we don’t have all the materials.  It acts as great guide.

In preparing for summer holidays, rainy days or just year round fun, I would highly recommend this book!

Rebecca is the Best Tools for Schools Community Engagement Manager and mother to two.

Owl Kids Book Review: The Human Body

With a two year old and four year old, I wasn’t sure how much they would understand when we sat down to read The Human Body. They ended up loving this book.

The flaps and pulls meant they were engaged in the book – lifting the flap of the hand picture to see the bones, or pulling the lungs wide to demonstrate breathing.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I pulled the tab of the birthing mom and out came a cute baby, but it was very well done and invited questions, not surprise. 

The book has a full body for a boy and a girl and pictures the muscle system, skeletal system, how blood travels and girl/boy body parts. 

The kids love asking questions and learning from this book.  I love that they are so interested in wanting to learn more.  But I can’t lie – the page about the digestive system, including a pull tab with a picture of poop? That has them asking the most questions and of course, giggling. 

This is a great introduction to the human body, even for younger kids.

Reviewed by: Rebecca.  She is the Best Tools for Schools Community Engagement Manager

Owl Kids Book Review: Just a Minute

Did you know that a honey bee beats its wings around 11,000 times a minute? These are the type of facts this cool book is loaded with. This book is geared towards the older set, ages 6 and up.

My eldest is very interested in random but interesting facts, just like I am, so this book was a very interesting and fun read for the two of us. She is also a new reader so she spent a lot of time going through the facts in the book, reciting them back to us in amazement. In fact, she enjoyed this book so much that she has asked for us to buy her more like it!

Gwen is our Green Living Blogger

Owl Kids Book Review: Where are you Bear?

My kids and I both enjoyed this book! It is geared towards a younger age group; I’d say 3-6. The book follows a little girl, Sophie, who has lost her bear. We follow her on a geographic alphabet adventure across Canada in her search to find the lost Bear.

My youngest is just starting to recognize the letters of the alphabet so this was a great book for her. She is also very curious about the sounds the letters make, so the words and images that accompanied each letter were a good way to help teach the sounds.

The book contained images of famous landmarks and location specific things to each province which kept the kids interested in each page.

Reviewed by Gwen, our Green Living blogger


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