Get your Yoga on at the Park

Heading to the park on a warm summer day to spend some time outdoors?   Looking for the kids to burn off some energy while you are there so they come home tired and calm? Tired of playing the same old games each time you are there or maybe you are just tired of hearing the famous “I’m bored”, or “they won’t play with me.”   How about putting a spin on a game that everyone can join in with and know how to play?  Everybody knows the game of tag but why not spruce it up and play yoga freeze tag?

When you are touched become frozen in a yoga posture until a nice friend tags you to unfreeze.  Challenge your balance, build strength and stamina and still your mind between bouts of running and shrieking and enjoy the game of tag!  Add some fun by making up some of your own yoga postures as you invite the creativity to soar and the giggles continue.

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