May the Fourth be with you

Today marks International Star Wars Day. The date alone should give it away, May 4th, or what is being referred to as May the Fourth be with You.

Star Wars was big for me growing up. I remember my dad taking me to see the Empire Strikes Back in theatres. I guess it should come as no surprise that Star Wars is big in my own family now, especially Star Wars Lego. I can’t count how many Star Wars Lego sets we have in our house and I’m sure there are many more in our future.

If you have a Star Wars Lego fan in your family (young or old) then DK Canada’s book Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary  is a must. This large hard cover book opens up with a timeline of the Lego Star Wars sets as they pertain to the movie storyline (from episode 1 to The Clone Wars). The timeline alone is a great way to view and compare what sets you have now, which ones you use to have, what you’d love to get (though some you might have to resort to ebay for).

Each spread within Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary covers key characters in the Star Wars saga, providing details that you may or may not know (a lot I didn’t know). All the illustrations used throughout the book are from Lego, either the mini-figures or the ships and stations. Beside each buildable Lego element there’s a small note telling you the name of the set, the year, the product number, number of pieces and the film it’s from. My 6-year old son and I spent almost an hour going through and checking of which sets we had.

As parents we always think a book for our child has to be a reader, an actual story for them to read. What’s important is your child’s love of books and discovering new things based on their interests and for my son, Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary, offers all that. Not only has he spent hours pouring through the book, sharing his thoughts on each page with his younger Star Wars Lego fan sister, but my son has also been practicing his skills by reading the callouts scattered throughout the pages.

Lego Star Wars: A Visual Dictionary is a fun way to fill your child’s (and your inner child’s) fascination with Lego Star Wars with great model examples, details on sets and little tidbits of Star Wars facts; making it a great gift or just a nice resource to have on your bookshelf.


 If you love Star Wars, then you’ll love DK Canada’s contest. By simply submitting a photo of yourself or family member or friend reading a Star Wars book, you could WIN A COMPLETE SK STAR WARS LIBRARY worth over $400 Cdn as well as a full set of the Star Wars DK Readers donated to a Canadian school or library of your choice. Ends May 31, 2011. Visit DK Canada’s site for more details:


Thanks to Chris at DK Canada for my review copy.

Lego Star Wars: A Visual Dictionary

DK Publishing

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  1. Chantal on May 4th, 2011

    My 6yo has this book and I swear he reads it daily. He got it over a year ago and it is still his favourite book. He looks through it telling me which sets he wants to buy, who is who and which movie they were in. LOL so much fun! (and so many small pieces!)

  2. Inger on May 11th, 2011

    Thanks for a great post.
    I live in Australia so not sure if I can go in that competition though :0(
    I agree with you sentiments about reading material for our children. As parents we do need to think out of the box, especially if our children aren’t linear learners.
    My daughter loves chapter books but my son will flip through a book like the Lego Visual guide for hours and read what takes his fancy, and would never read a book otherwise.
    I hear that DK is coming out with another SW Lego book on Minifigures as well as a Visual Guide to Harry Potter Lego.
    I wrote a post on Lego Books on my site so please drop by if you have a moment.


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